"eating crow..."

I love the imagery of that saying...

Anyway, apologized to the boy from yesterday and made a deal with him...I'm calling his parents Monday; however, what I say to them is still to be determined. If he can show me that he's willing to try to work with me, then I'll let them know that he had a bad quarter, but we're working to do better. If he doesn't, then I'll let them know that. It's on him now, and he knows it. He also knows that he can come to me if he needs a break...let's see if he does it.
We also discussed his classroom behavior. I let him know that he can have one outburst each class period, so he'd better use it wisely. Today he had one, I let him know that was it, and we didn't have a problem for the rest of the hour...He's also let me know that he will be getting a glowing note from the sub since the last one wasn't very good for him.
I was also ecstatic (although I didn't show it) to see him taking notes as I discussed the test they'd be taking tomorrow.

Day one goes down in the books as a success.