Greetings from Jay!!!


Jay here. It's been a while since I have been on here. Shannon is ALWAYS on here and it drives me nuts, so I thought I'd write while she's baking in the kitchen. She said she has a staff bonfire and hayride tonight that she's excited about! I'm happy for her, as she's been BUSY this week, I hope she gets to relax and have fun tonight.

There was a bonus to her being at work so late two nights this Grandma and Grandpa came to see me! I love it when they come! We go on walks, and they are REALLY nice to me! It got me out of the box when I would have been in the box for a LONG time! It was a lot of fun having them here!

Today Shannon had the day off, and we had Uncle Jeff come over! It was so much fun having him here! Jeff said that he has big dogs, not little ones, so it was okay that I jumped on him and licked his face!

Shannon is really good to me, as she takes me on a lot of walks, and gives me a treat every night. We also cuddle as she watches that box that seems to entertain her as she gets her homework done each night. She said the other day that being a teacher means you have homework every night, but she doesn't mind it because she LOVES her job.

I guess I should go. Her cookies are baked and she may want to get on here before she leaves. Do me a favor, don't tell her I was on here, okay? I'm pretty sure I might be in trouble if she knew! *grin*

Your friend,