A Silent Touching Moment *grin*

Tonight was our annual school carnival. While I'm exhausted at the moment, I had quite a touching "silent" moment while I was there. I have to say, our PTA is AMAZING! They worked SO HARD to prepare for our HUGE school carnival. The kids had so many different activities that it was quite a busy school night! Our PTA does an AMAZING job!

My favorite moment came right before I left. The staff donated items for the silent auction to raise money for the school. Those items were mainly activities that they can do WITH the students. I donated time at the dog park with my furry kid and me (parent has to be present, of course.). I thought it was an original idea until I saw the staff donation list, apparently several of us had the same idea. The main difference between me and the other staff members though is that I have JAY! *grin*

I arrived at the carnival and took pictures before I went to work my shift in the Redemption Center. I am already getting pictures for the end-of-year slideshow! It was neat to walk around and see all the activities the kids could do. And of course, you put a camera in front of them and the love it!

I went and worked in the Redemption Center which was fun too. I wore the snake hat, like usual, which made everyone smile. I LOVED IT. It was fun joking with the kids as they came in and out of the room. It was a lot of fun!

Afterward I walked around and took more pictures. I also talked to a lot of students and parents, which is ALWAYS fun.

As I was leaving, I checked in on the Silent Auction and I was BLESSED by what I saw. I looked at the tables and saw the typical Silent Auction wage wars going on for the Regular Education Teacher's Activities. My page was near the end of the table, and three different families had bid on me. I was blessed. To me that is a blessing beyond words when someone wants to SPEND MONEY to spend time with me. Well, that's what spoke to me anyway. I stood there and grinned. I have no idea who won because I was so tired I left before it was over, but who won isn't the point. I felt love just because they bid on me on a piece of paper. *grin*

It was silent...not a word was said...but it spoke volumes to me.

VERY COOL. *grin*