Thanksgiving Break

I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again...students think we have no life.

My freshmen took tests the day break started, fill-in-the-blank and two essays...50 of them. I had four days off for Thanksgiving. I had 25 junior term papers to grade, two weeks of lesson planning to do for four classes, and a lot of random grading; plus, like my students, I wanted some vacation time as well. So, I didn't even bother taking the tests home.

I got back to school yesterday, and a student asked if I'd graded them. I told him no. I hear another student lean over and whisper, "She had four days." I may've made him wish he hadn't said that.

My response: Would you like to take the 25 five to seven page junior essays home with you and get those finished? Did you want to grade the tests that my other classes took? Or how about those worksheets you all did? Do you want to read Oedipus and figure out what you're going to do to teach it to a bunch of freshmen? Or possibly you can figure out what my other classes are doing for me as well? Wanna give all your time over break, so I can grade your tests?

His face turned about five shades of red. He was quite embarassed, as he should be.

I was a little stressed out yesterday...had my evaluation...and I wasn't taking kindly to any nonsense.