Thursday Thirteen!! #1

Thirteen Things I'd Wish If I Had Magic Lamp:

  1. to see "Anonymous Teacher's School" scrolling across the bottom of the television, letting me know that school will be closed tomorrow so that I could have an extra day of grading term papers and finishing worksheet creating.
  2. a giftcard for an unlimited amount of money to spend on i-tunes.
  3. the metabolism of my puppy!!
  4. to be able to visit Hogwarts...just once.
  5. for a magic pen to do my grading...I set the pen on top of the stack of papers (essays even), and the pen grades, making the exact same comments I would.
  6. a really good masseur to live in my spare bedroom (and a spare bedroom for the masseur to live in).
  7. enough money to support my shoe and pencil skirt addiction.
  8. for victoria's secret to just lose my balance and somehow owe me in unlimited victoria's secret spending.
  9. green pens!! lots and lots and lots of green pens!!
  10. for barnes and noble to become 24 hours...and become like a library where you can check out books at your leisure.
  11. become my ideal weight and stay there...while still eating all the panera breakfast I please.
  12. for perfect hair...or at least for mine to stop hating my head.
  13. and I suppose the obligatory world peace...
How was that for my first Thursday Thirteen??

addendum: I just read this...and man, do I sound superficial. Boyfriend Head's response when I asked if I sounded this way: Well, you did ask for world peace...

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