When I was a child, I never would've thought that the teachers were watching the news and hoping for a snow day just like the students. The thought simply never crossed my mind. But there I was last night, ice pelting my window, wind blowing and howling, little old me cuddled in a blanket on my couch scanning the news for "Anonymous Teacher School" to scroll across the bottom while I was watching Grey's Anatomy (yes, my new addiction).
It didn't happen last night. In fact, I woke up at 4:45 this morning when my power went off. My apartment was cold and dark, so I figured I'd go workout (even though I'd planned on taking the morning off). I started to get my work out clothes together, then I decided to take a peek out my window...and my poor little car was no longer a car but a mound of snow with green spots.
At this point, it was around 5:00, it was colder...and still dark, and I hadn't heard anything about, I did what any adult woman would do: I called my mommy.
I had obviously woken her up, but she wasn't too annoyed with me. She turned on the tv and waited patiently for a.) the phone number for the power company and b.) to see if my school was closed. Got the power company's number and found out about school closing from morning news, then the mother told me to call Boyfriend Head and see if he had power.
Boyfriend Head is not a morning person by any means. In fact, if he's coherent enough to mumble an answer to a question, I'm, I wasn't even expecting him to answer his phone. The first time I got voicemail, but the second time, he called while I was leaving him a message. Apparently Puppybutt was barking at the phone and woke him up.
My hero not only had power, but also agreed to come pick me up at my apartment so I didn't have to dig my car out of its pile of snow. The roads were messy...not horrible. We saw several stupid people, driving like morons, as some people will do when it snows. But we made it home safely.
Played in the snow for a bit with puppybutt. He was hesitant at first, but he loves the stuff...even if it is cold. He really likes eating it when we track it in on our shoes.
I had hoped for the snow day so that I could get some extra work finished....but I can't say I've done a lot of anything. Right now I'm obviously playing in blogworld instead of doing the grading I should be working on. Oh, well. The work will get finished. It always does.

If only my students know that I was wishing for the snow day as much as they were...

p.s. My evaluation went very well!! The vice-principal even told me, "Your at-risk students are very fortunate to have a teacher with your enthusiasm and compassion." I like to think I'm a good teacher, but it's nice to hear someone else notice it once in a while.